New Hope

NEW HOPE: “Creating New Hope for the suffering children”

HIV infection rate has increased in the adult population until 2006 in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The children born to the HIV infected mothers are also infected by mother to child transmission. The Government has not taken necessary measures to prevent transmission from Mother to child until 2006 as a result many children born to the infected mothers before 2006 have been infected. Though the PPTC centers have come up to reduce the intensity of mother to child transmission there have been new cases of HIV infection in many areas. There are no care and support centers for the infected children and no place for them in the orphanages and short stay homes as they don’t have proper medical facilities. Many Children are dying at an early age due to lack of proper nutritional and Psychological support. There is no medical support for the Opportunistic infections. Children from families below poverty line are susceptible to infections due to lack of resistance in their bodies due to mal nutrition. Nutritional supplements, Multivitamins play an important role to boost the immune system that creates resistance against infections and there by the individuals are less prone to opportunistic infections.

The government is providing free Antiretroviral drugs to those that are in need whose CD4 count is below 300. Sometimes the children don’t have even money to travel and get the medicines every month. We are also facing the scarcity of ART medicine now and then and this is affecting the child’s health.

We have been working among 50 HIV infected children from Vijayawada, Bapulapadu and Gannavaram Mandals of Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. Some children lost both the parents due to AIDS and are staying with grandparents. Few are staying with infected mothers. All these children have stunted growth or below normal growth when compared with their age group. Symptoms like skin allergies caused due to vitamin deficiency and lack of resistance to common cold and influenza, Skin manifestations, Nausea, lack of appetite, general weakness, Tuberculosis Etc are the major problem the children suffer. Most of the problems are the result of lack of Proper nutritious food and vitamin deficiency and lack of understanding on health and hygiene. Children living with HIV/ AIDS are staying with single parents or grandparents. Due to economical condition at their home they are not able to get good nutrition and care from the guardians. The always suffer from regular infections and weakness with no psychological support. Some children face discrimination and isolation in the society as the public is afraid that HIV is infectious. By this they are unable to go to school on a regular basis and some children don’t go to school at all.

Project NEW HOPE is an initiative and a Home based care and support model for children living with HIV/AIDS. About 50 HIV children are covered under this project where we provide with monthly nutrition, Medical, Educational and Psychological support to the HIV children.

Items covered every month under Premium Sponsorship:

  • NUTRITION: 6 kilos rice, cooking oil, Ragi flour, Dal , Peanuts, Jaggery, Pediasure
  • UTILITIES: Toothpaste, Medicated soap and shampoo.
  • EDUCATION: School Bags, books, stationary and Uniform at the beginning of academic year.
  • MEDICAL: Monthly health check up with doctors, distributing multivitamins, medicines for opportunistic infections, follow up every 10 days, Referral and linkage services as needed to Government ART program and DOTS as needed and CD4 tests every 6 months.
  • OTHERS: Mosquito nets, slippers, 3 pairs of clothes, warm wear, blankets, towels and napkins as a one time support per year.

Monthly Sponsorship:

Basic Sponsorship: $20 or €15 per child
Premium Sponsorship:  $30 or €25 Euros per child


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