Vocational Training:

We have started a self-employment training program for widows, unemployed girls, and poor women to work on their own and earn and be self-sustained. This project mainly focuses to train in works like tailoring, embroidery and fabric painting. Most of the women in India are free during the daytime in India. Many are uneducated and just remain as house wives. This training helps the women to start a small business or work at home and earn some which will result in self sustaining and improvement of the economical condition of their families.

Women Empowerment

This enables poor, young girls with a training in sewing and fashion designing a sewing machine is gifted upon completion of a tailoring course. In this way, the women can start working on their own stitching clothes and earn some money. The cost of sewing machine is $100.

Health Programs:

We are also organizing health programs in different villages. The need for awareness of health and hygiene is necessary in a country like India, as people below poverty level have no awareness on how to maintain good heath and healthy surroundings. There is also a need for the church to teach on these concepts. Cleanliness of body and souls is important as God taught Israelites to keep their heart and camps clean so that The Lord may dwell in their midst. (Deut: 23:14) We are involving in different activities like awareness programs on AIDS, Medical camps in Villages, doing voluntary services like cleaning the slum areas, drainages etc. We educate the children to be clean by  creating awareness to drink clean drinking water, Importance of thrash collection and sewage system. We make no distinction between the sacred and secular duties we give equal importance too all. Our work is not only doing evangelism but also contribute our resources to the society. 

Relief Programs:

VFA has been doing relief and rehabilitation programs during the time of natural calamities like cyclones, fire accidents, flooding, Tsunamis, Earth quakes etc. We have done Tsunami relief programs in January 2005 in many coastal villages of Andhra Pradesh. We have been doing flood relief programs in Krishna district by taking care of the flood victims with basic needs like food and blankets.