Vision Kids – Boys Home:

Vision kids is a home for the orphans we have 20 orphans under our care at our campus in Ampapuram. Through this orphanage many kids have an opportunity to come up in their lives and achieve their goals. They are nurtured with the word of God and grow in good discipline. This orphanage is meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the uncared orphans, semi orphans and street children. Most of the children’s parents died with HIV/AIDS.

We believe and hope that VISION KIDS will provide a great opportunity for the orphans to come up in their lives and achieve their goals. Vision for Asia is blessed by a four and half acre campus outside the Vijayawada city with a 5600 Square feet building. This building has wide rooms to accommodate 40 children with a large dining hall, Office room, guest room, waiting room and a large play ground.

Vision Children’s Homes:

This is a new initiative that has a family styled home for orphans similar to a shelter home. This small unit home has 5 to 10 children living with a family with good accommodation care and protection. The children are nurtured spiritually and physically they will have a chance to grow and utilize the opportunities that will impact the entire community. The children attend the best school near by the home and receive good education and achieve their goals We have stated a small unit Girls home at Batulavarigudem village this year 2017 with 10 orphan and semi orphan girls.

Sponsor an Orphan $50 per month.

Sponsorship: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Can US$ 50 per month actually make a difference?

You would be amazed at the impact of a mere $ 50 per month, given for a child in India! Your gift of $ 50 per month will help provide full-time care, food, and housing, provide education,and basic medical care etc. for your Godchild.

2. Can I correspond with my child?

Yes. Although correspondence by mail is extremely slow, sponsors are welcome and encouraged to write to their children. You just need to send us your mail and we will forward it to your Godchild. Many of our children are very young, In that case we will send you a picture of the child, a work of art, handprints, and/or a general report on his or her well-being.

3. By completing a pledge form, am I committing myself to sponsor my child indefinitely?

While we hope that you will continue supporting your child for as long as possible, we understand that your financial circumstances may change. If you need to discontinue your sponsorship for any reason, we would simply ask that you give us 2-3 months notice so we will have ample time to find a new sponsor for your child.

4. Is it possible that my child would ever leave the sponsorship program?

Yes occasionally a missing child may be reunited with his or her family. In the above cases, it would be wonderful if you would consider sponsoring another child so that we can continue to receive children in need.

5. May I visit my Godchild in India?

Yes! You are always welcome to visit your Godchild!

6. May I send a gift to my Godchild?

Small gifts such as stickers, drawings, books, hair bands, photos and cards may be sent to your Godchild through the association each time we go and visit them. Please make sure whatever you send is flat and fits into a 7” X 10” envelope. Packages are subject to high import taxes and may be confiscated. We encourage Godparents to provide their Godchildren with the greatest gift of all – love!

However, we request that the gift is one that may be shared by all of the children. Sponsors may make a monetary gift in the name of a child. This money will be used to give your Godchild a personal gift.

7. Can I stay in touch with my Godchild if he/she leaves the program?

No. We are unable to forward correspondence. We encourage Godparents to sponsor another child in need.

8. May I send an e-mail to my Godchild?

The children are unable to receive e-mails from sponsors. VFA has limited e-mail access and the children do not have consistent access to the Internet. The children love to receive letters and cards from their sponsors and these help to develop a more personal relationship with the child.

9. May I sponsor more than one child?

Yes! New children arrive at the VFA Homes on a regular basis and sponsors are always needed. You are welcome to sponsor as many children as you would like for a minimum gift of US$ 50 per month for each child.

10. When will I receive a new photograph of my Godchild?

You will receive a new photograph of your Godchild at least 3 times a year. You can also follow the facebook page, blog, website etc for more pictures of the children.

11. Does my donation go directly to my Godchild?

Your sponsorship gift goes to the VFA Children’s Homes where your Godchild lives. Your financial support enables VFA to provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, and education and other provisions to all of the VFA children, while giving you the unique opportunity to develop a special relationship with your Godchild. Please remember that 100% of your donation will go for the care of your Godchild.