Project Green Vision

Project Green Vision is started with a love for nature by conserving it for the future generations.

Actions involved in this project are:

  • Adapting soil conservation methods and techniques by a forestation, cultivation of barren lands.
  • Promoting vertical farming methods in urban areas.
  • Implementing methods of utilization of less chemical fertilizers and pesticides and promoting the use of bio fertilizers like vermin compost.
  • Utilization of non conventional energy resources like solar power and wind energy.
  • Creating awareness on waste management and recycling.
  • Providing innovative methods of managing garbage and organic wastes.
  • Recycling wastes and plastic.
  • Promoting and building toilets, raising awareness in water borne diseases and sanitation by avoiding open defecation in urban slums and rural India.

Goals for 2015: To cultivate 2.5 acres of land with rice and vegetables and produce 2 tons of Vermicompost.